An IoT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring and Control


  • Aaqib Raza Mehran University of Engineering and Teachnology SZAB Campus khairpur Mir's
  • Muhammad Baqa Khan
  • Waqas Ali
  • Muhammad Junaid Memon
  • Rayyan Daudpota


IoT Technology, Automatic Agriculture, Moisture Sensor, NODE MCU, Water Pump, Motor Driver, DHT 11 Sensor


The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the agriculture industry and enabling farmers to content with enormous challenges they face. Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan economy.
IoT based agriculture has several advantages and benefits over traditional agriculture farming, aimed to improve the productivity and environmental impact of agriculture. These techniques require continuous monitoring and automation for proper operation.
IoT will help to increase the productivity and less consumption of water with less human efforts.
IoT utilization will help in different things like aid in predicting crop yield, different parameters i.e., soil temperature, moisture, humidity, water level and proper timing of crop to be delivered to plug, which is able to help to increase the crop yield.
Agriculture plays great role in the development of economy of every country. Despite of this the development in Agriculture technology is very less and negligible. In Pakistan, all Farmers are using conventional methods for farming, the developed technologies are either expensive or does not required by farmer.
This paper proposed a study with a prototype experiment to solve the problem statements based on irrigation using Internet of Things (IoT) based smart irrigation system. This paper mainly focuses on the framework of the system which targets on sensing soil quality, moisture, predict the irrigation requirement of the field using several environmental parameters along with weather forecasting that assists the growth of the Crop and provide adequate moisture needed using motor pumps with limited human interaction. Decision making is done through microcontroller. User is acknowledged about the field when there is any deviation from the expected values via Blank App notification. Along with soil parameters in this project. This ensures the complete crop health.




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Raza, A., Khan, M. B., Waqas Ali, Memon, M. J., & Daudpota, R. (2021). An IoT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring and Control. International Journal of Electrical Engineering &Amp; Emerging Technology, 4(SI 1), 8–14. Retrieved from