An An Alternate to the Problem of Complete load Shedding Using Smart Energy Meter


  • Murtaza Ali Khooharo Department of Electrical Engineering MUET Jamshoro
  • Munsif Ali
  • Iqra Rana
  • Anwar Ahmed Memon
  • Touseef Ali Shahani


Load Shedding, Partial Load Shedding, Smart Energy Meter, Power Theft, Smart Grid


The power system of our country is dealing with severe issues of energy crisis in Generation, Transmission, and distribution network. The increasing crisis in the energy system is due to technical losses as well as uncontrolled non-technical losses. These all have raised the problem of load shedding for several hours daily.  A smart meter in co-operated with the smart grid is presented to counter these issues and provide alternate for complete load shedding problem. This paper proposes an alternate method to counter the load shedding problem through GSM-based smart Meter. The designed meter provides a method to limit the load of a consumer during peak hours. A concept of “Partial load shedding” is introduced in the proposed system. In the partial load shedding, users are allowed to only use their critical loads during peak hours of power demand.  This peak time is defined by the utility grid and a signal is sent to consumer’s meter through GSM to indicate about peak demand. furthermore, through the modern technology of GSM based energy meter, the consumer will be alarmed to reduce its load than normal dedicated load during the peak hours of load shedding, otherwise, the supply will be cut off after a particular time of the alarm. The proposed system can be implemented with very minimal cost as most of the equipment is already present so there will be no need to upgrade the whole network.




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Khooharo, M. A., Munsif Ali, Iqra Rana, Memon, A. A., & Shahani, T. A. (2021). An An Alternate to the Problem of Complete load Shedding Using Smart Energy Meter . International Journal of Electrical Engineering &Amp; Emerging Technology, 4(SI 1), 15–20. Retrieved from