Design and Implementation of RFID and GSM based Smart Prepaid Energy Meter


  • Kanwal Naz Shaikh Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro
  • Imran Mustafa


Smart Energy meter, Prepaid system, RFID Technology, Arduino, GSM Module.


Pakistan is one of the most populated countries throughout the world which keeps more than 160 million electricity meter connections. For billing purpose, the data from these conventional meters is recorded physically on the monthly basis. This manual technique leads to various billing problems for consumers as well as electric companies because of inaccuracy and unreliability in measuring and recording the data. Besides, power theft is another common issue that results in loss of revenue. To handle these problems, the smart prepaid metering system with tariff indicator for automatic and superior billing systems is implemented in this paper using GSM and RFID technology. The proposed meter offers the accuracy and precision in measuring and recording the energy units. Moreover, it allows customers to check their electricity consumption at any time, so they can manage their finances easily in advance as well as it also prevents the theft of electricity.




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