The Simulation and Prototype Design of Novel Control Scheme for Multi-Level Inverter


  • Syed Azan Ali Shah Mehran University of Engineering and Technology , Jamshoro
  • Zain ul Abdin Khoso Khoso
  • Abdul Ghani Zour


PWM, Power Conversion, Multi-Level Inverter, PWM Control Scheme, Predictive Model Control, Model Predictive Control, 5-level, Cascaded H-Bridge


In power applications where high power and power quality is main requirement,   Multilevel inverters are used as a power conversion system. The important features of Multilevel inverters are the minimal THD, smaller switch ratings, greater DC link voltages and weakens electromagnetic interference.  The development of the multilevel inverter having transformer less topology which opens up the various schemes of PWM to control active devices switching in every multiple levels of voltages in the inverter. For industrial applications, multilevel converter structures are classified into three different structures  such as, cascaded H bridge converter with individual dc sources, diode clamped inverter, flying capacitor inverter. .

In this paper , a comparison between a simulation model and there results with the hardware implementation of the  Multi-Level Inverter with Control Method having Predictive Model Control to maximize the  Multi-Level Inverter and gives waveform in the form of  Sinusoidal AC Waveform .




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Shah, S. A. A., Khoso, Z. ul A. K., & Zour, A. G. (2021). The Simulation and Prototype Design of Novel Control Scheme for Multi-Level Inverter. International Journal of Electrical Engineering &Amp; Emerging Technology, 4(2), 17–20. Retrieved from