A power Quality Analysis of Transmission line By UPFC controller


  • Hafsa shaikh mehran university of engineering and technology,jamshoro


UPFC, PI controller, power Quality, Transmission Line, compensation


This paper will present the importance of presence of UPFC in transmission system for the enhancement of power quality of existing transmission network.In FACTS controllers UPFC is dynamic and versatile controller that can control various transmission parameters such as series impedence,shunt impedance,line voltages, current,active and reactive power.The basic structure of UPFC consist of two voltage source converters one converter is connected parallel to the transmission line while other one converter is connected in series with transmission line.In this paper we wil developed the Simulink model of open loop based UPFC and close loop based UPFC and then the results are compared.The Simulink model for UPFC is developed by using inverter and converter circuits with the help of IGBT's.At recieving end real and reactive power is varied by varying control angle of converter.The simulation results is present to validate the model.




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