A Hybrid Energy Storage Device with Battery and Supercapacitor


  • Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi Electrical Engineering


Power Quality, Renewable Energy, Storage Devices, Power Storage Device, Electrical Vehicle.


In DC electrical power supply systems, frequent power fluctuations often result in continuous power variations, leading to system harmonics. This includes renewable (Solar, Wind, Tidal, and others) power generation from Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Due to changing environmental parameters, renewable power production from IPPs demonstrates an erratic output, necessitating a dependable resource for energy storage and supply systems. In addition to renewable power generation IPPs, Electric Vehicles (EVs) also encounter analogous issues, wherein power consumption fluctuates with acceleration and braking. Both conventional renewable power generation IPPs and electric vehicles rely on batteries for power storage and supply. However, traditional batteries degrade before reaching their anticipated lifespan. This challenge is effectively tackled by hybrid energy storage devices that proficiently manage power supply and absorption to/from fluctuating loads and sources, consequently safeguarding battery longevity while enhancing overall performance. The proposed hybrid solution combines supercapacitor bank and battery to address these concerns comprehensively. This innovative device excels in rapidly responding to power fluctuations, skillfully handling tasks like inrush current supply/absorption, fast charging, and extending battery life. This abstract introduces an experimental setup designed to explore the power constraints and advantages inherent in the hybrid-supercapacitor-and-battery-device. The experimental setup undergoes testing under charging.




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